Be a Part of IRL


Thank you for your interest in joining the Intelligent Robotics Lab.


          Please see the instructions on how to join IRL below.  It is also recommended to meet with the Manager & Coordinator of the Robotics Shared Labs to discuss your work to see how additional assistance can be provided during your experimentation.

          We are temporarily modifying the policies and protocols for the safe usage of the Center for Autonomy Testbed Labs, due to the new Covid-19 posture of the University.  The changes indicated in the operational procedures will remain in effect until further notice. 

         To join the Intelligent Robotics Lab Facilities (IRL Flying Arena, Robotics Pavilion or High Bay satellite facility) please complete the following items:

         A request to activate your i-card for access to the IRL facilities can be been made once you have reviewed the UIUC Division of Research Safety (DRS) Policy tutorials.   In addition, also review the On-Line Training tutorial on the DRS Covid-19 Campus Safety Information site and watch the videos.

          For access to the IRL Flying Arena you also need to review the updated Lab Manual and related Covid-19 Procedures:

          For access to the IRL Highbay you also need to review the Highbay and GEM SmartEV Safety Rules and related Covid-19 Procedures:

         You must then accept and state that you will abide by the lab rules and send your DRS certificate(s) of completion with your UIN# to the Manager of the CSL Shared Robotics Laboratories (John M. Hart, jmhart3 @

         Please also fill out the form below to join IRL or be added to an existing project (please specify the particular facility in the comments section).  Subprojects (more detailed tasks) of an existing project should be registered as well.  Once you receive your project number, you can submit requests for time on the schedule.

         Then let the lab manager know when you would be able to schedule a time for Lab Safety Training.

For Flying in the Arena:  If you will be flying quadcopter, etc., contact the lab manager for a time for a Flight Test.  IRL has a flight simulator and also a small quadcopter for students to practice with prior to testing.  The first parts of the Flight Test can be conducted with any UAV and the simulator can be used for more complicated maneuvers.  However, the last part of the Flight Test requires showing the actual maneuvers you will be making with the research platform you will be using during your research.

         At this time only graduate students can obtain access to IRL and fly in the arena.  However, undergraduates can work in the lab and participate with experimentation, when accompanied by a graduate student from your project, after completing Lab Safety Training.


To Become a Lab Member or Submit a New or Sub Project:

  • Log in (and come back to this page) using your University NetID.
  • Read the appropriate procedures and rules.
  • Submit the application form below on this page.
  • You will receive your application decision via email, then visit Reserve Lab page to reserve your lab time with the IRL Project# you are assigned.