Autonomy Facilities

Center for Autonomy

The Center for Autonomy (CfA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, housed in the Coordinated Science Laboratory Studio,  is a shared research facility. This innovative lab seeks to make breakthroughs in key aspects of Mobile Robotics.  Researchers from around campus utilize the facility to develop the latest robotic systems that focus mainly on the challenges of Decision, Control and Autonomy.

Field Robotics Engineering and Science Home (FRESH)

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Related Institutional Centers of Excellence

Beckman Institute

The Intelligent Systems Research looks at biological and artificial systems in order to understand intelligent behavior.

Coordinated Science Laboratory

The Coordinated Science Laboratory, home for the Center for Autonomy and the Intelligent Robotics laboratory, is a premier, multidisciplinary research laboratory that focuses on information technology and enabling high-impact societal system solutions at the crossroads of computing, control and communications.

Illinois Center for Transportation

Seeking to provide a closed environment test track facility to help accelerate the development and deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) and transportation technologies.


The IoBT REIGN is an ARL Cooperative Research Alliance that will connect soldiers with smart technology in armor, radios, weapons, and other objects, to give troops “extra sensory” perception, offer situational understanding, endow fighters with prediction powers, provide better risk assessment, and develop shared intuitions.

Information Trust Institute

Designs complex systems that deliver a predictable level of reliability, security, performance and availability, even when there are unknowns.

Intelligent Robotics Lab

The Illinois Robotics Group is an interdisciplinary group spanning 7 departments at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Its mission is to help coordinate and grow robotics research, education, and facilities across the UIUC campus. Learn more about the lab or reserve lab time.