A major technological and societal revolution is underway, based on the possibilities afforded by the advances made in artificial intelligence, digital hardware, and communication networks, as well as the large-scale adoption of these technologies in information systems. The revolution is based on the application of these technologies beyond the pure digital world. Perhaps the most important aspect of this revolution is in the area of autonomy, in which the physical systems of the future will be autonomous and able to provide functionality without human intervention, greatly beyond what human supervised systems can currently achieve. The transition to such systems will involve support and fundamentally new research developments from many different dimensions of technology and social science. The goal of this Center is to provide a systematic pursuit of these research developments on a College and Campus-wide scale.

Major research themes include:

  • Theoretical foundations of verification and validation
  • Application-inspired distributed and trusted autonomous system development
  • Holistic approach to autonomous cyber physical subsystem and system engineering
  • Human–autonomous system interaction