Student Handbook

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Autonomy & Robotics Student Handbook provides detailed information regarding requirements and procedure for completing the Master of Engineering in Engineering with concentration in Autonomy & Robotics degree offered by the Center for Autonomy.

The Graduate College Handbook outlines the Graduate College requirements and regulations that apply to all graduate students. Additional program requirements may be beyond those of the Graduate College. The information in this manual supplements and may supersede the information provided in the Graduate College Handbook. Students are advised to consult both the Graduate College Handbook and this manual when planning or revising their program of studies.

Please consult with the Autonomy & Robotics Program Coordinator if there are doubts regarding the interpretation of the policies or requirements in this manual, or if there are questions about the program involving matters not covered in this manual.

Contact Information

Autonomy & Robotics MEng Program Coordinator
Center for Autonomy
The Grainger College of Engineering
1260 CSL Studio, MC-267
1206 West Clark Street
Urbana, IL 61801