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Master of Engineering in Autonomy & Robotics (M.Eng.)

Our fast-paced, one-year professional master's degree prepares you for leadership in the fields of robotics and autonomous systems.

Designed for those looking for a stepping stone to technical and managerial careers in the autonomy and robotics industries, the Master of Engineering in Autonomy & Robotics (M.Eng. in Autonomy & Robotics) program harnesses the strength of several leading academic departments at The Grainger College of Engineering to provide students with an in-depth, interdisciplinary program.

The Master of Engineering in Engineering with Concentration in Autonomy and Robotics program is a fast-paced, one-year, professionally-oriented curriculum that aims to provide students with solid foundational and operational knowledge in the integration of principles of autonomy and robotics across a wide range of enterprises—including the aerospace, automotive, agriculture, medical, construction, and entertainment industries. Students will learn to work with components of software systems, electronics, tools for algorithm design and machine learning, and physics-based dynamics, control and sensor systems.

The program's core coursework includes interdisciplinary project experiences that present key topics in the context of practical applications. Students can customize their degree by choosing from a rich set of elective courses from several relevant disciplinary domains.

Grainger Engineering provides opportunities to engage with industry partners through a professional development capstone project or practicum, focused on skills relevant for industry careers.

Careers in Autonomy & Robotics

The global robotics market is expected to grow from USD 37.81 Billion in 2017 to USD 158.21 Billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 19.11% (Fior Markets, 2020.)

Here are just a few potential career paths in the robotics and automation industry.

senior systems engineer
IT manager
principal electrical engineer / systems engineer
aeronautical engineer
project engineer

design engineer
software engineer
user experience (UX) designer
data scientist
machine learning engineer

Computer Vision

autonomous vehicle engineer
computer programmer
data analyst / data scientist
predictive modeler
machine learning engineer

a female engineering student working with a robotic packaging arm

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Master of Engineering in Autonomy & Robotics (M.Eng.)
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The Autonomy and Robotics Professional Master's program is a collaboration between five top-ranked programs in Grainger Engineering: Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Science and Engineering, and Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering.

“We believe that students with undergraduate degrees in any of these departments may be interested in our program because of its interdisciplinary- and project-oriented architecture. We’re excited to welcome students to campus.”

— Geir Dullerud, Program Director, Autonomy & Robotics Professional Master's Program