Research Groups and Labs

Research groups involved in the Center for Autonomy

Advanced Controls Research Laboratory (ACRL)

Focus on open problems in mathematical control theory and we work with collaborators on the transition of our solutions, to the extent possible, to real-world engineering problems.

Bretl Research Group

Uncovering the fundamentals of Robotics and Neuroscience.

Distributed Autonomous Systems Laboratory (DAS Lab)

Conducts research in autonomous decision making to enable the next generation of robotic systems.

Dynamics Robotics Laboratory

Advancing the current state of the art in control and mechanical design to achieve highly efficient, extremely agile, and ultra-robust dynamic behaviors in dynamic robot systems.

HOvercraft Testbed for DEcentralized Control (HOTDEC)

Design and creation of new drones that help conduct control research

Mitra Research Group

Research focuses on safe autonomy, safe machine learning, formal methods, distributed systems, programming languages, and robotics.

Real-time and Automated Monitoring and Control (Raamac)

Uncovering the fundamentals of visual sensing and analytics to create methods that facilitate monitoring and control of projects during construction and operation.

Robotics, Automation and Dance Lab (RAD Lab)

Embodied and choreographic practice is leveraged in the development of expressive robotic systems (hardware, software) and the study of humans (perception, interaction with machines).

Systems & Networking Research Group (SyNRG)

Among a range of research interests, this lab explores “robotic wireless networks.”

Zhang Laboratory

Leveraging expertise on soft materials, soft robots, human-compatible machines, and wearable human-enhancing devices are designed and built.