1.26.21 – Toyota Research Institute Launches Collaboration with Illinois, Other Academic Institutions

11.17.20 – New CSL faculty Mehr brings autonomy research to Illinois

10.30.20 – Hauser, Ramos paving the way for robotic search-and-rescue capability 

10.6.20 – CSL student duo awarded Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

5.5.20 – Chowdhary group uses AI to improve stability of autonomous aircraft

4.7.20 – Mitra and Driggs Campbell use Smart Car to teach autonomous safety

10.3.19 – Center for Autonomy professor brings robotic motion expertise to campus

7.30.19 – Amato honored for robotics leadership with Saridis Award

7.15.19 – New filter enhances robot vision on 6D pose estimation

6.24.19 – CSL professors win MURI award to build cyberoctupus

4.1.19 – Inaugural Center for Autonomy Distinguished Lecture a “smashing success” 

2.04.19 – Illinois researchers collaborate to reduce labor shortage, develop ag robots